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The Learning Expressway is designed to help teachers differentiate the learning environment so all of the students' academic needs are successfully met.

Kim, Sasha, and Joe are on their way to school. Although these three students are in the same classroom, they each have different talents, strengths, and needs.

So how can those different talents and strengths be used to help them reach their full potential in the same class?

Using educational materials such as resource books, reproducibles, workbooks, games, and learning centers from The Learning Expressway, their teacher has been able to differentiate instruction and assignments, thereby motivating her students. You can too!

Check out the category, Teacher Resources, for several books on differentiating your lessons.  Also, there are resource books in the Reading, Math, and Writing categories for meeting the needs of all of your students.

As you look through each category, you will notice that I have included a variety of resources from many publishers so you can modify your instruction without having to rewrite everything.

What if you are a parent?

The Learning Expressway is also for parents who either want extra practice, challenging materials, or home schooling supplemental materials for their children. Please check out the resources in all of the categories. Also, check out what is new by clicking on Parents. Then scroll down to the "Information for Parents" section.

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you should take a look at the category, eBooks. Here are resources in digital form from many publishers, various subjects, and on grade levels from PreK to 12th. Click on eBooks to find the latest update on this wonderful wealth of resources.



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